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Tubular Gel Batteries from Wisdom Power - Solar Battery

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

Gel Batteries - Tubular Gel Batteries - Gel Solar Batteries

A Gel Battery (also known as a “gel cell”) is a sealed, valve regulated lead-acid deep cycle battery that uses a gel electrolyte. Our Gel Batteries range is built tough and completely maintenance free. Our range of Tubular Gel Solar Batteries are all designed to perform and give lasting power to off grid solar systems. They can also handle more challenging applications like Grid Connected storage and can be a great value battery for residential hybrid solar battery systems. Tubular Gel Batteries will achieve a very long life in many off grid/standalone power applications.

Our range of Tubular Gel Batteries come with a 20 year designed service life and 5500 cyclic life rating (30% DOD). These tubular gel batteries are devised in every aspect to go the distance. Each tubular gel battery is a single 2V cell, in comparison to other types of batteries that contain multiple 2V cells within them (a 12V battery contains 6x 2V cells).

Gel BatteriesThis feature of a Tubular Gel Battery provides greater reliability by removing the possibility of a higher voltage battery dropping a cell and needing complete replacement. Due to their single cell nature, tubular gel batteries are also available in substantially larger sizes than combined cell batteries.

Deep Cycle Batteries are the most used battery when getting off-grid solar and wind power in Europe. They are different to a car battery, as they are designed to be discharged to a greater depth, and the most common type of battery for deep cycle applications are AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), Tubular Gel and Flooded Batteries.

Our range of Deep Cycle Gel Batteries and Tubular Gel Batteries are some of the best on the Europe market.

Our range of Tubular Gel Sealed Deep Cycle Batteries has been designed and developed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing Solar industry. They use the latest technology and materials and are a high performance VRLA Gel maintenance free battery that can be used in many different types of off grid solar applications.

Some key points to consider before purchasing deep cycle batteries

How long are you away from mains power?

The more hours of battery power you require without charging, the bigger your battery has to be. The size of your battery will also depend on the kind of appliances you want to run off it; heavy power users will need a larger battery to safely drain power without damaging the battery. Tubular gel deep cycle batteries offer the best solution for long term power storage.

How much power do you want to use at once?

If you like to run multiple power hungry appliances at the same time, you’ll need to upgrade your system. Even if you’re expecting to use a lot of power for just a short amount of time, it is recommended to use a large battery bank to prevent damage to your batteries.

Are you able to charge your batteries while camping away from mains power?

If you are able to charge your batteries, either through solar panels or a generator, a smaller battery can often be enough. Keep in mind that bad weather conditions may affect the efficiency of solar panels, and may not fully charge your battery. Another factor to consider is how much power autonomy you desire without charging. The longer you want (or have) to go without charging your battery, the larger it needs to be.

How often do you want to use your battery?

The more you drain out of your battery each time before charging it, the shorter its life span will be. If you only need it for a short caravanning trip once or twice a year, you can still get many years out of your battery when taking it down to 80% depth of discharge (20% capacity left). However, if your battery operates on a more regular basis, draining it to 50% of its capacity should be fine, although it will live longer if you charge it after using only 30% (70% capacity left). Note: Always make sure to recharge your battery reasonably soon after use, as leaving a discharged battery low will cause damage.

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Our range of Sealed Deep Cycle Gel Batteries is completely maintenance free, needing no topping-up of liquid electrolyte, while the valve-regulated sealed design allows installation in hard to reach locations. These Tubular Gel Batteries are some of the best solar storage batteries available on the Europe market. When you need long-term power storage solutions, the BULLSPOWER Batteries range of Tubular Gel Batteries has superior discharge capabilities. We stock Gel Batteries sizes from 30AH to 3000AH and can source larger sizes if required. For expert, tailored, no-obligation advice about Gel Batteries and Solar Batteries you can email or call our friendly team on 0086 0752 2819469