Cultural Construction

Cultural Construction

Enterprise Culture

Wisdom Power Vision:

The world's most outstanding green power provider

Wisdom Power Goal:

Being a world-class, Competitive and Technology Leading Manufacturer of Rechargeable Battery.

Wisdom Power Core Values:

Excellent quality to establish the fundamental, to provide quality services to customers

Wisdom Power Spirit:

Teamwork,Dare To Blaze New Trails,Unremitting,Owner Orientation

Wisdom Power Service Concept:

Based on the fact that,Respect for the customer,Professional and efficient  

Wisdom Power Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide humans with environmentally friendly power.

Wisdom Power Business Philosophy:

Integrity,Quality,Innovation,Win-win situation

best partner and solver of battery solutions.

Wisdom Power Business Ability:

Varietal Diversity, Reasonable Price, Reliable Quality, Timely Delivery.

Storage Battery

Wisdom People

Working in Multicultural Environment

Globalization has brought our work environment many advantages as well as challenges.

A winning team is not the fastest member, but the ability of a well-coordinated team, different cultures may lead to new business opportunities as every team member brings a different point of view. The company's success is directly related to our employees success. Every member of Wisdom to be treated fairly regardless of their cultural, ethnic and religious background, they know that they all are equal.



Wisdom Team Trip To Xiamen

Wisdom Team Trip To Xiamen

Wisdom Team Video

Wisdom Team Video

Wisdom Annual Meeting Video

Wisdom Annual Meeting Video

Wisdom Merry Christmas

Wisdom Merry Christmas