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International lead-acid battery peak BBS

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

2017 China international lead-acid battery peak BBS is held in nanjing.


The picture shows the opening ceremony of China international lead-acid battery peak BBS in 2017.

On November 28, 2017 morning, the China international lead-acid battery peak BBS held in nanjing, the BBS by the Chinese chemical and physical power industry association, China's chemical and physical power industry association acid battery branch, limited liability company to undertake the sails.China's chemical and physical power industry association secretary-general yan-long liu, lead-acid battery branch of China electrical equipment industry association director Zhang Rui, join the international technology co., LTD., vice President of Dong Jie, jiangsu's first energy equipment co., LTD., general manager glen chin and other experts and several representative to attend the BBS lead battery production enterprises.


The picture shows liu yanlong, secretary general of China chemical and physical power industry association.

Liu baosheng, vice chairman of China chemical and physical power supply association, chairman of acid battery branch and chairman of fengfan co., LTD.The lead battery industry faces many challenges, including a consumption tax, rising lead prices and limited application of low-speed electric vehicles, liu said.However, there are also many opportunities for enterprises to change their concept of development, follow up the development of cutting-edge technologies, and prepare for transformation and upgrading.


The picture shows the chairman of fengfan limited liability company liu baosheng's speech.

Liu baosheng believes that the technological innovation and progress of lead-acid battery industry should be actively promoted to realize a new round of technology upgrading.Implement the responsibility extension system of lead-acid battery producer, realize scientific development and green development;Accelerating the large-scale application of start-stop technology;It will be an important measure to meet the challenge of lead-acid battery industry.


The development of lead-acid battery industry can be supported by the state and society, and it has been a topic of concern for lead-acid battery enterprises and industry associations.BBS invites experts from home and abroad to share their latest progress and solutions in various fields.


The picture shows wu Ming, director of the green energy center of the environmental protection industry research institute of China environmental protection association.

The state environmental protection department's senior engineer of solid waste and chemical management technology center, he yi, introduced the pilot situation of waste lead-acid battery collection and transfer management system and the next step of work.The Chinese environmental protection association of environmental protection industry research institute, director of the center for green energy Wu Ming share with the representatives about facing the national green tax policy, carrying out environmental consumption tax relief work in terms of thinking;Pan junqing, a professor at Beijing university of chemical technology, introduced the advanced battery materials and their research progress from the technical level...


Picture of BBS guests.

It is reported that 2017 China international lead-acid battery peak BBS to "implement the responsibility system for production of extension system, promote the healthy development of the industry green" as the theme, lead-acid battery technology aimed at the from all walks of life to discuss future platform and the development trend of industry.Through the BBS, representatives from all walks of life to strengthen industry management and guide the industry standard, enhance the level of industry technology, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industry, and realize sustainable development of the industry to provide the advice of many innovative and forward-looking, to boost industry healthy development and the whole national economy development has positive significance.

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