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AGM Description of starting and stopping lead acid battery

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

AGM Description of starting and stopping lead acid battery

AGM lead-acid Battery is a kind of Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (VRLA Battery). Its separator product Absorbed Glass Mat. The electrolyte is Absorbed into the AGM separator, and there is no flowing electrolyte in the Battery.

Its basic characteristic is to use does not need to add acid water during maintenance, battery for sealing structure, does not leak acid, also won't row acid mist, battery lid has a one-way valve (also called safety valve), the valve when the battery is the function of internal gas volume exceeds a certain value (usually expressed in barometric pressure), namely when the battery internal pressure increases to a certain value, the exhaust valve opens automatically, discharge gas, and then automatically shut down, to prevent the air into the battery.

AGM Starting and stopping lead acid battery reaction principle

The electrochemical reaction principle of AGM lead-acid battery is to convert the electric energy into chemical energy to be stored in the battery when charging, and convert the chemical energy into battery for external system when discharging.

Its charging and discharging is completed by electrochemical reaction, and its chemical reaction formula is as follows:

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As can be seen from the equation above, there is a water decomposition reaction during the charging process. When the positive electrode is charged to 70%, oxygen begins to fall out and hydrogen begins to fall out when the negative electrode is charged to 90%.

For the traditional lead-acid batteries in the early days, they could not be recombined with gas.

The main disadvantages of traditional lead-acid batteries are overcome by the fact that the valve-controlled lead-acid batteries can be used for the recombination of oxygen and hydrogen.


AGM start-stop commonly used lead-acid battery cathode design, excessive electrolyte adsorption AGM separator, the anode in the late charge of oxygen through the AGM partition space spread to the cathode, react with the cathode of spongy lead into water, make the cathode depolarization or insufficient charging state, short of hydrogen evolution overpotential, so negative won't exhalation hydrogen, due to charge the battery fluid loss is very small, so don't need to add acid water maintenance during use.

See fig.1 for the AGM starting and stopping lead acid battery oxygen cycle

AGM lead-acid Battery oem

The principles of the start-stop system

The engine start and stop system is a system that automatically stops the engine when the vehicle stops temporarily (such as at a red light), and restarts the engine when it is necessary to continue.

By upgrading the starting motor of the traditional engine to a booster motor with idling start and stop function, it makes the auto flameout automatically when the idling stop condition is met.

When the whole vehicle starts again, the idling start/stop motor system responds to the driver's start command quickly and starts the engine rapidly, thus omitting the idle stage of the engine. The starting/stopping battery working condition is shown in figure 2

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