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2880 solar panels battery into France power generation highway

0 Published by admin Aug 06,2019

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Recently, in a small town in the northern Tourouvre-au-Perche region of France, a road that could use solar power was officially opened, and the locals named the road Wattway (Watt Road).


Wattway is said to be the world's first solar power capacity of the road, a total length of about 1 km, from 2880 solar photovoltaic panels laying out, spent about $ 5.1 million of the French government funds, the total annual power generation can Reaching 280 MWh. Designers said they hope that these electricity can supply the entire town of 3400 residents of the night street lighting.


However, due to the weather and the impact of the season, this road power generation power there may be some fluctuations. Designers expect the average power of this road to be about 767 kWh per day, and when the sun is strong in summer, it can reach 1500 kWh per day.


According to estimates, there will be about 2,000 cars a day through this solar road. Two years later, the researchers will be based on the road surface wear and the actual situation of the solar power to carry out this assessment to determine whether this novel power generation is worth further promotion.

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Participate in this program behind the trader is the famous French telecommunications giant Bouygues Group. Before they were laid out, they had tested the way they used solar power to generate electricity in some of the open car parks in France.


Jean-Charles Broizat, director of the Wattway program, told the media: "This way of using solar pavement is still at an early stage. By setting up such a test point, we can enhance our ability to build road pavement using solar photovoltaic panels , On the other hand can also optimize the manufacturing process of the battery manufacturers, which the future of the clean energy revolution has a very positive significance.