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US solar energy storage capacity of 565,000 kilowatts

0 Published by admin Aug 06,2019

According to a study by Platts Energy, the US energy storage continued to grow rapidly, with a total volume of 565,000 kilowatts in the first half of 2017, an increase of 182,000 kilowatts over the previous year.


At present, there are 22 companies operating in 12 states with 45 photovoltaic grid energy storage projects, almost all of the energy storage system are battery energy storage, only two are flywheel energy storage system. More than half of the energy storage projects (23) Are part of the PJM power grid operators.The total capacity of 30.1 million kilowatts.California independent system operators have 10 installed capacity of a total of 114,000 kilowatts of energy storage projects.One of the largest, three thousand kilowatts of Santiago natural gas and power companies Escondido project was launched early this year.


Installed capacity of the largest energy storage companies are AES and NextEra Energy, energy storage installed capacity of 83,300 kilowatts and 76,400 kilowatts.