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Solar energy used in RV generate electricity

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

Solar energy used in RV generate electricity


First, the way of RV use electricity

As we all know, the self-propelled car in terms of electricity are relying on their own generators to generate electricity, but the problem is the car in the flame after the generator will stop working, and towing the car and no generators, so the car use electricity Very important, then there are several ways RV motor use electricity ?


1, the installation of large-capacity lithium battery

Install a large capacity lithium battery, which may well be a way to buy the time for manufacturers or their own in the car under the bed or storage room to install, so to ensure that our normal electricity, but this method is still a temporary solution Not a permanent solution, and then install a large battery, electricity will always run out, you still need to find a place to charge in the wild is still a problem! Nearby excursions this method is good.

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2, the installation of small quiet gasoline generators

Install a silent generator This method is really good, a small quiet generator can meet all the facilities in the RV electricity 4 to 5 hours, but so you need to pay 4 liters of gasoline to help generators generate electricity, and this approach is also Not very environmentally friendly.


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3, the top of the car to install solar panels

Worry about battery power, generator oil is not environmentally friendly, then install solar panels chant. Solar panels installed on the roof in advance, as long as the sun, you can always charge your battery, your car all power facilities can always power supply, and solar energy as the sun only, do not need gasoline and environmental protection! Of course, the above two methods can also be used as an alternative, when the sun can come in handy.


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In fact, today BULLSPOWER keep telling you is now the most concerned about the topic - the car on the solar energy.

Nature's most extravagant gift - the sun, yes, that is what we call the source of life! The growth of all things are inseparable from the moisture of the sun, to resist the cold, to conquer the darkness are inseparable from it! Now it is our pursuit of the most clean and environmentally friendly new energy. Now, it is one of the most loved RV emergency equipment, RV travel, anytime, anywhere to meet the electricity problem, solar energy gives us a great help!


Second, the car home appliances power and day power consumption

First of all, we need to know the common home appliances in the car power, the day about how much power consumption

1,21-inch TV, power is about 50 watts, is expected to use 10 hours a day, the cumulative power consumption of 500 watts, about 0.5 kWh!


2,90 liters of refrigerators, all day use, the cumulative power consumption will not exceed 0.5 degrees. (Usually recommended to use interstage, so the refrigerator can control the start-up time, the day will not exceed 0.2 degrees)


3,100 watts of the notebook (usually 60 watts), is expected to use 5 hours a day, the cumulative power consumption of 500 watts, about 0.5 kWh.


4,800 watts of rice cooker, volume 4L, is expected to use two times a day for half an hour, the cumulative power consumption of 400 watts, about 0.4 kWh.


5,900-watt electric pressure cooker, is expected to use two times a day for half an hour, the cumulative power consumption of 450 watts, about 0.45 kWh.


6,800 watts of electric water bottle, volume 4 liters, is expected to use 3 times a day, every 5 minutes, the cumulative power consumption of 200 watts, about 0.2 kWh.


7,10 watts of LED lights, according to the amount of 3 to count, use 5 hours a day. The cumulative power consumption of 150 watts, about 0.15 degrees.


8,500 watts resistance wire-type electric stove (not recommended for induction cooker, power, high power consumption), is expected to use 2 times a day, every 20 minutes, the cumulative power 350 watts, about 0.35 degrees.


9, according to an air-conditioning to count, about 1,000 watts or so an hour, so if you open 5 hours, you need to power 5 kWh.


Of course, these are just part of the car electrical appliances, motorhomes need to place a lot of electricity, so a good solution to the car electric way is very important, solar energy may not be able to completely solve, but is currently the best electric car auxiliary equipment The best choice!




Third, the principle of solar energy used in RV

The use of solar energy by the car is mainly through the roof of the solar panels to absorb sunlight, and then through the inverter into the daily use of alternating current. The direct output of solar electricity is generally 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 220VAC to provide electrical power, solar power system needs to be issued by the DC power into AC power, so the need to use DC-AC inverter. In some cases, the need to use a variety of voltage load, but also to use DC-DC inverter, such as the 24VDC of electrical energy into 5VDC.


After the conversion of electricity can be used directly, can also be stored in the battery to prepare for contingencies.


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