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Lead carbon battery is a new type of electrochemical energy storage technology

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

The wide application of renewable energy such as wind energy and solar energy has always been trapped in technical bottlenecks such as discontinuous, unstable and difficult to control power generation. How to match the energy storage system that suits it to ensure stable output of electricity.


Lead carbon battery technology is a new type of electrochemical energy storage technology based on supercapacitor and lead-acid battery technology. It has the advantages of high safety, low cost, large discharge power, etc., and can achieve 100% battery recovery, its full life. The cyclical environmental load is very low and the development potential is huge. The long-life lead-carbon energy storage application battery is combined with the solar power generation system to effectively solve the storage problem of solar power generation. It is understood that the application of the lead carbon battery energy storage application demonstration system is mainly to provide high-quality and stable lighting power for the surrounding street lamps and landscape lights of the No. 1 Building and the Energy Building No. 2 of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Industry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and its successful operation will be The system lays the foundation for engineering and industrialization.


At present, the key technical problems of sulphation of lead carbon batteries have been solved. The cycle life of lead carbon batteries for photovoltaic energy storage systems has been increased to more than four times that of traditional lead-acid batteries, and batch trial production of 12V/40Ah products on the production line has been completed. In the advanced energy storage lead carbon battery, it has formed new materials and new product production technology with independent intellectual property rights.


On this basis, the research and development of energy storage technology research institute of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a number of new technologies, successfully developed lead-carbon long-life batteries, and provided protection for the conversion of clean energy such as solar energy and wind energy into usable and exportable stable energy.

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