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Lead-acid batteries are still available for the 2018 China International

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

On November 22nd, “2018 China International Lead-Acid Battery Summit Forum” was held in Shancheng Chongqing. The forum was hosted by China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association Acid Battery Branch, Windsurfing Co., Ltd., and Ainos (Chongqing) Huada Power System Co., Ltd. Nearly 200 representatives from relevant industry experts, well-known enterprises and research institutions from the domestic and international lead-acid battery industry, in-depth discussion on the development status of lead-acid battery industry, the development prospects of lead-acid battery industry, the latest technological achievements and the challenges faced by the industry. communicate with.


Liu Baosheng, vice chairman of the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, chairman of the Acid Battery Branch, and general manager of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, said that over the years, lead-acid batteries have promoted China's communications, transportation, power and other industries. Development provides strong support. Lead-acid batteries have more than 50% market share in secondary chemical power sources because of their safety, reliability, low cost, mature production process, good specific power characteristics and recyclability. However, everyone should be soberly aware that in 2018, the domestic industry's environmental protection pressures continue to be tight, raw material prices fluctuate at a high level, and relevant policies are being introduced one after another. The rise of the new energy automobile industry has driven the rapid growth of the lithium battery market, and the lead-acid battery industry has also developed. Facing new challenges. Liu Baosheng pointed out that under the current development environment, different forms of exchange and mutual understanding are the common aspirations of upstream and downstream enterprises, and the linkage of industrial chain will be closer and more important. He hopes to build an open and shared industry through exchange and interaction. Exchange platform to promote sustainable, stable and healthy development of the industry.


The data shows that in recent years, China's lead-acid battery production and sales have accounted for more than 30% of the world for many years. It is the world's largest producer and consumer, and lead-acid batteries are still the main secondary energy source. With the explosive growth of demand for lithium batteries in the new energy automobile industry and the increasing environmental pressures, lead-acid batteries are also facing greater pressure under the new situation. Guo Zhigang, executive vice president of Tianneng Group Research Institute, pointed out that in the face of the challenges of the new energy automobile industry, there are few successful cases in which lead-acid battery companies have successfully transformed into lithium battery diversification. It is worth pondering and over-diversification of products (lithium, Fuel cells) create opportunities and risks.