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Welcome to the global supplier of wholesale sealed lead acid batteries

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

We stock Lead Acid Battery and Lithium lron Phosphate batteries in bulk. Both BULLSPOWER® and BSLBATT® have long been trusted by industries across the spectrum. We also service the OEM market, no quantity too large and on time delivery! We have the ability to typically put resellers in position to make their profit margin. 

Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and trading combo, specialized in lead acid and GEL battery for more than 36 years. Owns production bases in Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangdong and Vietnam (oversea base) with the global headquarter in Huizhou, China. Total production site is over 480,000 square meters and owns more than 23 production lines with annual output over 19 millions kilo watt power.Our products are favored and recognized by leading global enterprises, which includes: AGM VRLA battery, hybrid gel storage batteries, OPzV battery, lead acid motive batteries for electric vehicles.

BULLS Battery is a battery supplier in Europe, North America, South America and Asia and around the world, celebrating more thanThirty-six (36) years of service. We have more than twenty (20) years of experience on the World Wide Web on the Internet!

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Multiple Choice

We provide a lot of lead-acid batteries for Reserve Power, Telecom, Railway, cars, motorcycles, RVS, trucks or trucks, We provide Marine batteries, batteries for industrial equipment such as forklifts, cranes, bulldozers, tractor sweepers, golf carts.We also have a wide range of batteries for power tools, computers, cameras, digital cameras, alarms.

Wisdom Power - Advanced AGM

Wisdom Power produces the widest selection of batteries designed and designed to deliver safe and reliable performance in the most demanding applications. Wisdom Power's production facilities are ISO 9000 and 14000 certified.

Wisdom Power's stem cell traction battery range includes all types of non-spill valved batteries for:

● Ocean and motorhome
● Golf and electric cars
● Aerial lifts and fork lifts
● Floor machine
● Mobile and home medical equipment (HME)
● Broadband and Cable TV (CATV)
● Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and telecommunications
● Photovoltaics, solar and renewable energy
● Electronics and security
● robot
These sealed, maintenance-free dry battery traction batteries meet the most demanding deep cycle applications. They are ideal for original equipment. Used as an alternative to the old standard rechargeable battery, no need to modify the battery box or performance expectations.

The main advantages include:

● Seal design
● Zero maintenance
● Certified without harm
● Non-flowable
● No gas
● Eliminate corrosion
● Battery life is significantly extended
● Extended run time
● Reduce overall battery cost

Simple wholesale battery price

Wisdom Power welcomes bulk battery purchases and wholesale battery orders. Our website is set to offer bulk purchase prices for all of the batteries we list, so we can offer you discounts effortlessly. You can purchase bulk wholesale batteries through our standard web interface and use the same easy-to-use search function and menu structure to search for the battery you need, which we offer to customers looking for individual items. If you are having trouble finding a replacement battery or need help, please call our customer service at 0086-752-2819469.

Over the years, Wisdom Power has been providing wholesale batteries for corporate and government buyers. If you need a sales order for a bulk order that exceeds our currently available bulk orders, please feel free to email our sales department so we can arrange specific content for your situation. We focus on batteries for a variety of uses, so let us use battery buying power for your business to save time and money.

We are very easy to buy wholesale batteries

We understand that our wholesale customers have a variety of needs and we are always ready to work with you. Wisdom Power is pleased to work with school and government credit cards and purchase orders. With our experience working with corporate and government accounts, we can make your wholesale battery purchase as easy as possible.

Before placing an order, please feel free to contact our sales staff to inquire about any wholesale battery issues or volume pricing issues you may have.
You can also send an email to with your reply email address. Indicate the battery type, brand preference, model/part number, application and required quantity. If possible, please specify and include the battery size, terminal type and configuration.
We look forward to meeting your battery needs. This makes buying batteries in bulk a great choice for your business.