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Dubai Electricity Lighting and New Energy Exhibition (MEE) is an influential power and energy exhibition in the Middle East and the world. It has been selected as one of the five largest industrial activities in the world. In the 2018 MEE exhibition regardless of the exhibition area, booth number, the number of exhibitors has increased dramatically than last year. It’s over 1500 exhibitors from 24 + countries are showcasing the latest developments and innovations in the power industry.


Middle East Electricity offers its exhibitors access to thousands of potential customers from across the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world. As the region’s leading gathering of power industry professionals, Widom Power can expect to find new customers, strengthen relationships with existing clients and develop or expand our business in MEA.


From this exhibition, we saw the rapid development of new energy industry and competition. The battery industry is not only a industry of creating dream, but also the industry product is developing and changing rapidly for years. Of course, through this exhibition, we feel deeply the importance of making brand. If want to extend the market life of a product and exaggerate the competitiveness of the market, we must inject certain culture into this product. The only constant thing in the world is culture. The overall effect of our participation is very good and attractive for the customers, especially the solar battery 12V100Ah 120Ah 150Ah 200Ah products are very popular with the customers.


BharatBookBureau recently released the UAE power leasing Research Report, 2015-2021 years, the United Arab Emirates power rental market compound annual growth rate is expected to reach 16.8%. The report pointed out that, due to the accelerated pace of infrastructure construction and population growth, the electricity demand in the UAE will grow rapidly in the next 6 years. In addition, in 2020, the UAE will host World Expo, which will attract 25 million tourists around the world, which puts forward new demands for the power sharing of temporary power generation facilities. Therefore, in the coming years, the demand market of the new energy battery industry is still very large in the Middle East market. Similarly, it’s a challenge for our company-Wisdom Power. We will also seek more 


opportunities in the Middle East market by sticking to the principle of good faith management.