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2019 Mercedes-Benz Desert Cross-Country Experience

0 Published by admin Aug 06,2019

As the world's most famous "square box" model, the G-class off-road vehicle was officially born in 1979. The advent of Mercedes-Benz G, is always about "military needs". Mercedes-Benz never knew at the beginning that the G-Class, which appeared as military products, would become SUV fan’s favorite in the future. Its straight lines meets the SUV’s needs very much. Its external appearance doesn’t change in several generations, which has become a classic.

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Compared with conventional highway trial driving and simple non-paving pavement, desert driving has higher vehicle performance and driver's driving skills.Therefore, before officially entering the desert hinterland, understand the performance and function of the vehicle in advance, as well as conduct training for sand cross-country skills becomes very necessary.
G-class off-road vehicle has strict designs on spare tire’s position ,the locking mechanism of the spare tire cover, the opening mode and so on.It use the simplest mechanism for most reliable protection. There is no expensive and complex design but smart ideas.

It is necessary reduce the tire pressure when driving in the desert, which can directly increase the touching area between tire and road and improve grip to avoid car sunk. But that doesn't mean everything is fine. In desert driving, you still have to pay attention to tire pressure, idling wheels, and rolling sand. Which will increase the tire pressure, increase the risk of car sunk. Besides, it is necessary to avoid hitting the direction to a large extent after reducing the tire pressure, because it will increases the risk of tire casting off.

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For setting of driving mode, Mercedes-Benz G-class has 3 famous differential lock. In good conditions off road, the central differential lock can keep the vehicle’s balance. Power of the front and rear shafts will be balance after lock up. It is noticeable that only when the the upper and lower indicator lights of differential lock are on at the same time, the differential lock has been successfully locked.And in this state the system will automatically close the electronic body stability system.

The data of G-class off-road vehicle are also very good, close to 31 °, leaving angle 30 °, 241mm from the ground, longitudinal passing angle 25.7 °, maximum. The side inclination angle is 35 °and the climbing slope is 45 °/ 100%. So the subject of teaching seems so simple for it.

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Power is also a very important part, even the G 500 has the good capability driving in all road’s conditions in today's test drive, 4.0T V8. It has a double hole wheel starts with 310 kilowatts of maximum power and 610 Niu meters of maximum torque. As long as you can stabilize the throttle and ensure a certain amount of subsequent power storage. By choosing Wisdom Power® Start stop AGM battery with the most advanced technology, you will get an outstanding battery that is capable of powering the most demanding vehicles and accessories, as it offers three times more endurance than conventional batteries.

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The more powerful G63, controls the throttle more carefully at the start and can bring more confidence to the driver at other times.The 4.0TV8 twin turbine engine of the AMG G 63 is absolutely amazing, as long as the driving technology is excellent and you have enough courage. Its 430kW maximum torque and 850 Niu meters is good enough for you to enjoy the driving.

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At the end of the activity, the professional test driving coach took us to "Hot Lap", and AMGG63's powerful dynamic performance was perfect in the hands of foreign coaches, which brought a strong pleasure to people.

Since its launch in 1979, Mercedes-Benz G-class off-road vehicle has become a powerful off-road vehicle with its unique personality, classical design and strong off-road performance become a indestructible faith in SUV fans’ mind. The G-class off-road vehicle is destined to be owned by a few people,whom is the winner of life.