6-EVF-40 (BPE12V-40AH) Electric Rickshow battery
  • 6-EVF-40 (BPE12V-40AH) Electric Rickshow battery
  • 6-EVF-40 (BPE12V-40AH) Electric Rickshow battery
  • 6-EVF-40 (BPE12V-40AH) Electric Rickshow battery
  • 6-EVF-40 (BPE12V-40AH) Electric Rickshow battery
  • 6-EVF-40 (BPE12V-40AH) Electric Rickshow battery

6-EVF-40 (BPE12V-40AH) Electric Rickshow battery

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Date: 2016/2/1 16:11:10
Keywords:Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40
Brief Introduction: BPE12V-40AH Long service life: in standard state, DOD80% (new national standard) can cycle for 600~800 times.
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Product Information

 Product feature:

1.Large capacity,High specific energy: made by special technology and material,capacity is more than 100%,specific energy reach 35-38wh/kg.
2.Low self-discharging: made by high grade alloy grid,pure electrolyte,low self discharging and water loss.
3.Long durability:It can be used for 360 times at the temperature of 25℃, if maintained regulary, it can be used for 650 times.
4.Reliability:The streamlined valve is specially designed in order to make the battery durable and reliable.
5.Airtight structure:could use battery in any direction(except inversion).
6.Excellent design:it is not only with the merit of seal valve regulation,but also with the advantage of maintenance.The special design of the extraction makes it easy to maintain and prolongs the durability by 50-100% or longer.
7.Various ways of use:battery could be floating use,also be cycling use.
8.Recommended charging methods:3-step charging.


1.Large capacity and high specific energy: they adopt high-purity raw materials and national patent technology, and feature superior performance of large current discharge as well as large capacity.
2.Long Service Life: in standard state DOD80% (new national standard) can cycle for 600-800 times.
3.Superior Low-temperature Performance: they possess superlative low-temperature charge and discharge acceptance, avoiding sharp decline of mileages of continuation for the battery in winter.
4.Better consistency: a new generation of patented formula and state-of-the-art special processing technique guarantee the stable consistency of multiple compartments of battery in serial operation.
5.Evironmentally friendly: they have reliable and sealed structure design and are free from leaking and acid mist diffusion. They can be placed and used in any directions reliably and safely.

Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40


Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40


Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40

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Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40

Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40

Use and maintenance of products:

Battery:red for positive polarity,blue for negative polarity.Battery should be series connection.The connection between battery pack and charge and discharge line is same polarity connection.
1.Batteries leave factory with charged so that clients could install and use directly.In order to remedy the capacity slef-discharge in the storage and transportation,new battery need to charge 4-8 hours to use.
2.Storage batteries should be installed by professionals.
3.We suggest charge temperature is 15-30℃.(Low temperature could reduce the battery's capacity.)4.Storage:battery should be stored in 0-40℃ and maintain good ventilation.Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from heat.
Three kinds charge methods:
1.Use suitable charger,when red light change green,then continue to charge 4 hours,the battery full charge;after battery deep discharge(80% discharge capacity),charge time should be more than 12 hours.

2.Constant voltage current-limiting charging methods:constant voltage 14.8V/pcs, charging current limiting values 0.15-0.20CA,charging hour 6-12 hours.

3.Constent Current chraging method:charging with 0.10-0.20CA to battery voltage 14.8V/pcs(36V),battery pack 44.4V/set,then charging 4.5-6 hours with 0.05CA current could be full charge.

1.Discharge protection voltage should be more than 10.8V/pcs,Discharging protection current should be less than 1.5CA.
2.Batteries should be charged in time.
3.When vehicles don't use for a long time,batteries should be in full charge storage,and charge every 2 months.

  Curve chart

Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40Electric Rickshow battery,6-EVF-40

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6-EVF-40 (BPE12V-40AH) Electric Rickshow battery
6-EVF-40 (BPE12V-40AH) Electric Rickshow battery