Household solar led light home system design

2016/5/5 10:52:24

Solar power generation system is divided into off-grid electricity system and electricity grid system.
Off-grid power generation system is mainly composed of solar cell assembly, controller, storage batteries, inverter Composition, Households can generate electricity using small-scale solar, solar energy road lamps, and other main adopt off-grid power generation systems; grid electricity system is solar energy after assembly AC power generated direct current through through the grid inverter converted to conform to the electricity grid requires a direct connection into the public grid. Household Decentralised small-scale grid-connected power generation systems, especially photovoltaic building integration power generation systems, due to investment in small building fast, it covers an area of small, policy support force degree and other advantages, gradually become grid-charged main stream.

At present, rural households use electricity as a load in the left and right three kilowatts, designed a three kilowatts of solar power generation systems, can meet a large number of families with more power demand.

Component Selection and Application
Household solar power generation systems, respectively, the group is made of solar battery panels, batteries, controller and inverter, etc., the respective component quality, performance, price, efficiency of energy and other relationships to the system design building success or failure and extension shall use effect. Preferably each portion assembly, conscientiously analyze their price performance ratio, reasonably choose to use components, reduce cost to improve system design construction quality and promotion should always important non.

Solar cell with a chip select
Solar photovoltaic power generation is the most basic element is a solar cell (piece), single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon and thin film batteries and so on. Single crystal and polycrystalline cell with the largest amount of non-crystal battery for some small systems and calculator auxiliary power sources.
The one or a plurality of solar cell sheet group into a solar cell panels called photovoltaic components. A solar power generation system core member nation producing crystal silicon cell efficiency of about 10-16%, with foreign class product efficiency of about 18-23%

Controller design principles and applications
Solar controller is a dedicated processor CPU, electronic components, monitors, switching power transistors and other components, the solar cell module due to the changes in the strength of sunlight, which produces electric current is also volatile, if the generated direct current charge within the battery or directly to the load, it is likely to cause damage to the battery and the load, seriously affect the life of the photovoltaic system.
For when the storage battery charging, you need the current feeding into the photovoltaic controller, adopt special chip circuit for its conduct digitized adjustment, and added multi-stage charge-discharge protection, at the same time adopt control techniques alone have the
"Adaptive three stage charging mode" to ensure that the battery and the load of the operation and use of safe life. When the load power supply, it is to build the battery current to flow into the solar controller, after adjustment through it, and then send the current into the load. A it is a stable discharge current; the second is to ensure the storage battery is not over-discharge; third is to load and carry out a series of storage battery monitoring protection column.


The design selected by WS30-48 type solar controller, which rated solar power 3kW, solar charging current 45 A, the storage battery rated voltage 48 V. Has a solar cell anti-anti-charge, solar cell anti-anti-access, storage battery overcharge, anti-anti relieve storage tank mine other functions. Performance stable, the market price is moderate, can meet the general home with solar power generation system using the system.