Qualification Certificate

Qualification Certificate

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Wisdom goal is to provide to our customers battery with the best performance and quality.
Our products have passed CE&UL certificate,our company has passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificate.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control department consists of well-trained and experienced staff working constantly to improve the quality of our battery. In order to achieve that, Wisdom makes daily inspection of all the battery, with collection and rigorous analysis of the data.

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From the raw material to the finished battery, we have 22 QC station including up to 55 QC check points. All the semi-product can only be transferred the next step when the quality is confirmed. And every shipment has to be QA inspected OK before it flows out of our factory.


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◎Testing equipments

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◎ Lab for R&D

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 ◎ Product Standards

IEC Standard (1056-11056-2/1056-3)
Ministry of Machinery JB/T 6457-1992
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications YD/T 799-2002
Ministry of Electric Power Machinery DL/T 637-1997
Electric Vehicle Battery Standard JB/T 10262-2001