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lithium battery 12V 100AH Solar Battery System

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High Performance lithium battery 12V 100AH Solar Battery System

Professional High Performance lithium battery 12V 100AH factory since 2003 year. 

Have CE, ISO9001, UN38.3, TEST REPORT, MSDS. E-Mark Certificate

Can design the battery as customers' requirements, with build-in BMS or cells pack.

Service life can over 2000 cycles based on 100%DOD

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■ Diversity of models: (can design as your requirements)

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B-LFP12- 50B-LFP12- 240B-LFP12-90B-LFP48- 100

■ Wisdom Power High Performance lithium battery 12V 100AH Solar Battery System

Welcome to Wisdom Power Lithium battery factory. As the online leader in lithium batteries, telecom equipment and renewable energy products, Wisdom Power is providing customers with more stable, durable and efficient clean power solution. Whether you need Lithium iron batteries for your current system or a fully-customized package renewable energy solution, Wisdom Power can provide you with best product and solution.

 ■ Battery advantages:

 ● Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over-discharge and over-temperature conditions.lithium battery 12V 100AH custom ● Various sizes, models and capacity for customers to choose, and according to customer requirements for custom development.
 ● Can replace lead acid battery with same size and 1/2 weight. ● Internal cell balance, built-in Integrated BMS (Battery Management System).
 ● Ensure long cycle life-at least 2000 cycles under 100% DOD. ● Most green and safe lithium technology-no liquid leakage no pollution.

 ■ Battery overview:

The LFP 12V 100Ah Energy Storage Systems are a family of 12V battery module s and accessories. The 12V family is designed as a drop-in replacement for similar sized lead-acid batteries offering twice the run-time and nearly half the weight. The 12V series is designed for lower voltage, lower power and longer run-time applications. They are built with LFP Technology that offers outstanding intrinsic safety and excellent float and cycle life resulting in low cost of ownership.

lithium battery 12V 100AH purchase

Advanced Solar High Performance Lithium Battery 12V 100AHWholesaler

non-toxic, environmentally friendly, abundant raw materials, high specific capacity, stable charge and discharge,good cyclic performance, high thermal stability, safe and reliable, the materials of lithium ion battery is safety, long cycle life and good power characteristics, use cost is extremely sensitive cells than other battery.

 ■ High Energy Density

lithium battery 12V 100AH order

 ■ Low Self-discharge - Less than 3% per month

High Performance lithium battery 12V 100AH factory

■ Product List

High Performance lithium battery 12V 100AH

■ Hot Selling Models

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 ■ Our Story

● Wisdom Power® Battery Company was established for serving the energy storage needs of customers who care about their environmental impact. The founders of Wisdom Power, Eric, believe that every small steps can make the big impact on the environment.

● “We saw that millions of batteries were being scrapped every year, and how to solve this problem? But what is different of lithium iron battery?”

● The high reliability, lower cost, long service life and pollution-free operation of Lithium ion batteries are gradually replacing lead-acid batteries in a wide range of applications, especially for  renewable energy power systems and solar PV.

● Wisdom Power® lithium ion batteries are designed under critical and harsh circumstances for solar PV and renewable energy applications. Wisdom Power battery can withstand deep discharge, wide temperature variations, mechanical and electrical abuses and still show excellent and reliable performance over a long period.

 ■ Applications

 rechargeable lithium battery 12V 100AH factory rechargeable lithium battery 12V 100AH manufacturer

 ■ Certificates

 rechargeable lithium battery factory rechargeable lithium battery manufacturer rechargeable lithium battery supplies rechargeable lithium battery wholesaler

 ■ Exhibitions

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