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60V 40AH E-Bike Lithium Battery

More Information

60V 40AH E-Bike Lithium Battery

Professional lithium ion battery manufacturers since 2003 year. 

Have CE, ISO9001, UN38.3, TEST REPORT, MSDS. E-Mark Certificate

Can design the battery as customers' requirements, with build-in BMS or cells pack.

Service life can over 2000 cycles based on 100%DOD

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 ■ Battery cases color: (can design as your requirements)

Lithium battery manufacturerslithium ion battery manufacturersNice lithium manufacturersProfessional lithium battery manufacturers
Green blackblue Silver 

 ■ Battery advantages:

 ● Low self discharge rate-only 12% rate each year.Lithium ion battery manufacturers OEM ● Built-in automatic protection for over-charge,over-discharge and over-temperature conditions.
 ● Stable performance and high security for the vehicle. ● Charging at the 5 hours rate can reach 1500 times.
 ● No memory record ,can use anytime when charge. ● The capacity and dimension can customize according to your request.

 ■ High Energy Density

Lithium battery manufacturers factory

 ■ Low Self-discharge - Less than 3% per month

Lithium ion battery manufacturers factory

 ■ Long Life Cycles - 1C more than 2000

Best lithium battery manufacturers

 ■ High Power Output

Lithium battery manufacturers

■ Product List

professional Lithium battery manufacturers

 ■ Hot Selling Models

lithium iron battery suppierlithium iron battery suppier OEMlithium iron battery OEM
lithium battery manufacturerslithium battery OEMlithium iron battery manufacturers
lithium battery manufacturersLifepo4 battery factorylithium battery factory

 ■ Applications

Lithium battery manufacturers
Lithium battery manufacturer


 ■ Certificates

lithium iron battery suppier OEMlithium iron battery suppier lithium iron battery suppier OEMlithium iron battery OEM

 ■ Exhibitions

Lithium battery manufacturers

Lithium battery manufacturers OEM

Nice Lithium battery manufacturers

Battery modelCan design as you need, different colors, cases.
ResponsesQuick responses within 24 hours
SamplesAvailable, please discuss with us

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