Wisdom FAQ
Are you a manufacturer or trade company?
Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and trading combo.
How many years establish?
specialized in lead acid and GEL battery for more than 34 years.
How many employee are there in your factory?
Over 300 people.
What is a AGM battery?
The newer type of sealed non-spillable maintenance free valve regulated battery uses "Absorbed Glass Mats", or AGM separators between the plates. This is a very fine fiber Boron-Silicate glass mat. These type of batteries have all the advantages of gelled
What is a Gel battery?
A gel battery design is typically a modification of the standard lead acid automotive or marine battery. A gelling agent is added to the electrolyte to reduce movement inside the battery case. Many gel batteries also use one way valves in place of open ve
What is the advantages and disadvantages of lead-acid batteries?
Advantage: low price: the price of lead acid batteries is just 1/4~1/6 of that of other types of batteries with a lower investment which most users could bear. Disadvantage: heavy and bulk, low specific energy, strict on charging and discharging.
How can I tell if a flooded battery is bad?
To determine if the battery in a system is experiencing a problem, disconnect all electrical loads, fully charge the batteries then disconnect all charging sources. Allow each battery in the system to stand on open-circuit for about one hour. Measure the
How far can I tilt my batteries?
For flooded batteries, 22 degrees from vertical is the maximum recommended tilt. AGM and Gel batteries can be operated vertically or horizontally.
Can I reduce my maintenance by not gassing my flooded batteries?
You will reduce the frequency of watering, but will cause a condition known as stratification where the specific gravity of the electrolyte is light at the top of the battery and heavy at the bottom. This condition results in poor performance and reduced
What are common mistakes made by flooded battery owners?
Undercharging: Continually operating the battery in a partial state of charge, or storing the battery in a discharged state results in the formation of lead sulfate compounds on the plates. This condition is known as sulfation. Both of these conditions re