India exceeded 8.6GW solar photovoltaic installation

2016/10/24 11:04:03

India exceeded 8.6GW solar photovoltaic installation

According  to India's new energy and renewable energy (MNRE) statistics show that  the Indian market, the cumulative solar photovoltaic capacity in  September 30 this year has reached 8.626GW.

India surpassed the 8GW mark for the first time in August, but Tamil Nadu has risen in local installments:

     Tamil Nadu 1,555 MW
     Rajasthan 1,295 MW
     Gujarat 1,136 MW
     Terenggana 962MW
     Andhra Pradesh 947MW
     Madhya Pradesh 810MW
     Punjab 571MW

India's  solar energy development continues to strengthen, including rooftop  solar installations last month, more than 1GW, and another for the  domestic photovoltaic manufacturing field of 3.1 billion US dollars to  support the funding plan to promote the development of solar energy  industry.

However, although Tamil Nadu has the  highest total installed capacity, but the state also has a more serious  solar power rationing.